10 facts about the book of enoch
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10 Facts About the Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch is an ancient religious text that holds significant importance in several religious traditions. It is believed to have been written by Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah, and provides valuable insights into religious beliefs and historical events. In this article, we will explore ten fascinating facts about the Book of Enoch.

1. The Lost Book

The Book of Enoch was lost for centuries and was only rediscovered in the late 18th century. It was found as part of a collection known as the Ethiopian manuscripts, which contained various religious texts.

2. An Ancient Manuscript

The book itself is estimated to have been written between the 3rd century BCE and the 1st century CE. It showcases a profound understanding of cosmology, angelology, and eschatology.

3. Apocryphal Nature

The Book of Enoch is considered an apocryphal text, meaning it is not included in either the Jewish or Christian biblical canons. However, it remains influential in certain sects.

4. Multiple Sections

The book consists of several distinct sections or books that cover various topics such as astronomy, fallen angels, Watchers, dreams, visions, and more.

4.1 The Book of Watchers

This section describes the story of fallen angels who descended to Earth and interacted with human beings. It also introduces concepts like Nephilim (half-human, half-angel offspring).

4.2 The Book of Parables

This section contains parables and visions about the future judgment and ultimate destiny of the righteous and the wicked.

4.3 The Book of Astronomical Writings

As the name suggests, this book focuses on astronomy and includes detailed explanations of the movements of celestial bodies.

5. Influence on Early Christianity

The Book of Enoch had a significant impact on early Christian thought and literature. Several ideas and concepts found in this text can be seen echoed in various New Testament writings.

6. Controversial Interpretations

Due to its apocryphal nature, interpretations of the Book of Enoch vary among different religious traditions. Some consider it purely symbolic, while others view it as historically accurate.

7. Unique Cosmology

The book presents a unique cosmology with a layered universe consisting of multiple heavens, Earth, Sheol (the underworld), and other dimensions.

8. Importance in Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity

The Book of Enoch holds great significance within the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian tradition. It is still part of their biblical canon today.

8.1 The Church of Saint George

In Ethiopia, there is a church dedicated to Saint George that houses an ancient copy of the Book of Enoch along with other valuable religious artifacts.

9. Connections to Other Ancient Texts

Certain sections within the Book of Enoch resemble and reference other ancient texts like the Book of Giants and the Dead Sea Scrolls, suggesting interconnectedness between these works.

10. Popularity in Modern Culture

The Book of Enoch has gained popularity in modern culture due to its mysterious nature and inclusion in various fictional works such as novels, movies, and video games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Book of Enoch considered an authoritative religious text?

No, the Book of Enoch is not considered authoritative in mainstream Judaism or Christianity. It is primarily seen as a historically valuable apocryphal text.

What makes the Book of Enoch significant?

The book provides a glimpse into ancient religious beliefs, offers unique cosmological insights, and had a profound influence on early Christian thought.

Are there multiple versions of the Book of Enoch?

Yes, there are different versions and translations of the book available today. The most well-known version is based on the Ethiopian manuscripts.


The Book of Enoch holds immense historical, religious, and cultural significance. Its reemergence has allowed scholars to gain valuable insights into ancient beliefs and teachings. While its inclusion in religious canons may be debated, its impact on various religious traditions cannot be overlooked. The Book of Enoch remains an intriguing piece of literature that continues to captivate readers to this day.

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